Todd and terror

As Halloween creeps up upon us and the nights draw colder and darker, it seems only right to bring you a pair of trailers designed to either terrify you or make you shiver in gleeful horror.

First up, we have the new trailer for Frank Darabont’s take on Stephen King’s chiller The Mist. There’s something not quite right about the strange fog that encompasses a small town, but we’re pretty certain it’ll contain more quality scares than the awful Fog remake of a couple of years ago.

To check out the new promo, click here .

Meanwhile, and strictly in YouTube-o-vision (for now), we present the international (meaning for everywhere but Yank-land) trailer for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. And guess what? It still doesn’t appear to be a musical! Yes, it actually does have some songs in it – all the way through, in fact – but you wouldn’t know it from this promo. Perhaps they’re worried that people singing would put off the bloodthirsty or the Burton fans. It remains to be seen if the studio actually releases a musical promo…

Find the new footage here .

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