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TimeShift review

Rewinding to 2004


  • Time-stopping death potential
  • Time bubbles in multiplayer
  • Watching rain fall up into the sky


  • Time powers never change
  • Underdeveloped story
  • Repetitive puzzles

Oct 30, 2007

It's been a tough year to be a first-person shooter. With the bar being set ludicrously high by games like Halo 3, BioShock, The Orange Box, and Call of Duty 4, we are in a golden age of action titles. It's a bit hard, then, to recommend the fourth-dimensional shooter TimeShift amongst such a crowded field. Don't be mistaken - this is a solid offering - but its paint-by-numbers design and undercooked story will have a tough time holding your attention, though its multiplayer mode will be the biggest temptation.

Set (initially) in the near future, TimeShift's narrative drive is the evil Dr. Krone, a scientist who invents a chrono-suit - think of it as a wearable version of Back to the Future's DeLorean - and then uses it to go back in time and alter history such that he's a badass and everyone else isn't. Fortunately, there's a second suit (the "beta" suit), which you use to follow him through time and stop him.

More Info

DescriptionThis future-shooter is aiming to turn bullet-time from a cool gimmick into a crucial gameplay element.
PlatformPC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox
US censor ratingMature
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 28 September 2007 (UK)