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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Edgar Wright Tweets an Ant-Man pic, Elizabeth Olsen confirmed for Avengers: Age Of Ultron and the Scream TV series to be supernatural

• Hot off the heels of a global press tour for The World’s End it seems Edgar Wright is already back in the hot seat for Ant-Man . It’s not clear if the image below is brand new, or simply a behind the scenes snap from the 2012 Comic Con teaser, but either way Marvel’s first phase three movie is in safe hands.

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• One of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets has been confirmed. No, not that Saoirse Ronan auditioned for a role in Star Wars … wait, actually, yes, she did confirm that. What we meant was that Samuel L Jackson has let slip that Elizabeth Olsen will be in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron , as Scarlet Witch most likely.

• Sony has confirmed that Amazing Spider-Man sequel writers Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci and Jeff Pinkner will return to script the third film in the series. Meanwhile Paul Giamatti has told Collider his Rhino will be back for the threequel.

• In other Amazing Spidey news, director Marc Webb tweeted this editing room pic of Andrew Garfield last night, featuring new Electro artwork on the wall.

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• Uber-producer Harvey Weinstein has been talking about the future of the Scream franchise at the Zurich International Film Festival. Despite it’s genre cred, usually this wouldn’t be of much interest to SFX , but according to Movieweb MTV’s Scream TV series “won't have much to do with the original movie franchise, representing a new direction with supernatural elements.”

• Thriller writer Tom Clancy died yesterday at the age of 66. Though most of his works were more speculative that sci-fi, a number of games created under his name, including incredi-pretty next-gen title The Division , are science fiction.

• New trailer for Machete Kills which, unlike the first film, is full on sci-fi.

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