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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Has the new Spider-Man been cast?; Fringe season three; Sorcerer’s Apprentice clip; and more news on Marvel TV

Josh Hutcherson Confirms His Spider-Man Audition
Journey To The Center Of The Earth star Josh Hutcherson has confirmed to Coming Soon that he has auditioned for the role of Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the upcoming movie reboot by director Marc Webb, but claims he still doesn’t know if he has got the role yet: “It's an honor to be considered on the same list with some of these actors that I'm up against. It's really cool. To be talked about in that kind of role is very awesome.” Latino Review , meanwhile, reckons that Sony has made a decision, and that Hutcherson will be slinging those webs.

Hutcherson also talks about another upcoming film in which he appears, the remake of the ’80s movie Red Dawn . "It's definitely more modern. It has the same idea about a group of teens fighting against an entire army, which is hard and definitely fictional, but they have the same characters and the same heart that the original had. This time, the Chinese are invading instead of the Russians to modernise it a little bit, so yeah, it's just a modernized version of the original.” Still sounds about as PC as Roy Chubby Brown gig…

New Sorcerer’s Apprentice Clip
The Jon Turteltaub-directed fantasy, featuring yet another disastrous wig for Nicolas Cage, hits UK cinema screen on 11August.

Latest Twilight Has Massive US Opening
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has already set two new box office records in the US: widest release ever and biggest midnight opening. It earned more than $30 million from about 4,000 theaters at midnight on Tuesday. It probably also broke another record – largest number of boyfriends ever reluctantly dragged along to see a film – but they don’t officially record figures like that.

Fringe Season Three
Entertainment Weekly ’s Mike Ausiello has revealed the title of the first episode of Fringe ’s third season: “Olivia”. Which, if it’s anything like season two’s “Peter” means we could be in for a treat…