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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Transformers 3 ; GI Joe 2 ; Buffy movie; Smallville ; The Cape

Stephen Sommers Won’t Be Directing GI Joe 2
According to The LA Times , The Mummy director Stephen Sommers will not be returning to the big screen GI Joe franchise to direct the sequel. Sommers helmed the first GI Joe movie, Rise Of The Cobra , which failed to impress critics and internet pundits, but which made a tidy $300 million at the box office. The articles states, “Two agents who represent other filmmakers have said they’d recently been approached about their clients coming on to helm the movie and were told that Sommers would not be getting behind the camera. Paramount declined to comment.” The sequel is currently in the scripting stages with Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick working on the first draft.

The Cape Who Inspired The Cape

NBC’s highly-anticipated new superhero show The Cape starts in the States this week, and it features a guy who (for reasons far too complicated to explain here) takes on the persona of his son’s favourite comic character. is now publishing a new issue of The Cape comic every month, and the first issue has just gone online (the other issue on the site at the moment was the promotional comic produced for Comic-Con).

Best Special Effects Oscar Nominations Shortlists Narrowed Down
The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the contenders for this year’s Best Special Effects Oscar have now been narrowed down to seven: Alice in Wonderland , Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 , Hereafter , Inception , Iron Man 2 and Tron: Legacy . Five will make the final shortlist announced on Oscars night before the award goes to Inception . Well, do you reckon anything else stands a chance?

New Smallville Poster Nearly Shows Clark As Superman
After 10 years, it’s about bloody time… But what if he looks a bit rubbish in the costume? It’s a hard look to pull off…

Anthony Stewart Head Weighs In The Buffy Movie Debate
Anthony Stewart Head is the latest former Buffy star to vent is spleen over Joss Whedon’s lack of involvement in the new Buffy movie. He tells The Huffington Post , “It’s a horrible idea in as much as Buffy was a great conceit. It was a great story. ... I don’t feel that you can then remake that without the original creator on board. It doesn’t make sense. And I mean, somewhere down the line, I suppose sometimes... I suppose you could, but it never sits very comfortably. With someone like Joss, why would you want to? Well, I know why you want to. You want to make money. As he said recently, ‘I hope it’s good!’ [laughs] I love him.”

New Transformers 3 On-Set Pics has a few new pics of the wheel hardware from Michael Bay’s third Transformers movie, Dark Of The Moon , including a close-up a Wrecker (above) and Megatron’s new truck guise .