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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Comic-con day one round-up, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 moves to 2018 and Robert Downey Jr could return for Iron Man 4

• Thanks to the San Diego Comic Con, we have a handful of new posters and sneak-peaks to give us a hint about what to expect in the near-future world of cinema. There's poster for The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies , the first banner for Century Fox's Hitman: Agent 47 , two more Avengers: Age Of Ultron posters , the artwork for both Ant-Man and Mad Max: Fury Road , snaps of the Warcraft official logo and props, and not to mention a first glimpse at the Batsuit , ahead of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice !

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 ' s release date has been shuffled back to November 2018 after the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man dropped $50 million in the box office. Instead, a Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six , written and directed by Drew Goddard ( Cabin In The Woods ), is set for 2016.

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• As well as appearing in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Avengers 3 , Robert Downey Jr has hinted about a return in Iron Man 4 as Tony Stark, suggesting that it's up to Kevin Feige and Marvel to propose their plans to him.

• In other Marvel news the superhero studio is adding a third unknown movie to their 2018 schedule, replacing the date that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 had previously been planned for… any ideas about what it could be?

• We can finally catch a glimpse of Colton Hayes, suited and booted as the evil-stopping Arsenal (aka Roy Harper) in season three of Arrow . From his transformation at the end of season two, where he went into a serum-induced rage, he returns to season three as a trusty member of Team Arrow, donning a re-vamped version of his iconic red hoody.

• The Soska sisters (directors of the cult slasher American Mary ) are adapting the comic Painkiller Jane into a movie, which will hopefully yield more success than the 2007 TV series, which survived for just one season. The story follows a trio, including the main character - Jane - who is a cop, doing an undercover investigation into a drug ring, but when it all goes horribly wrong the torturing of Jane causes her to develop super-human abilities.

Sinister 2 is set to be released in August 2015, but this time Scott Derrickson is too busy with Doctor Strange to direct it, so instead Cieran Foy is stepping up to helm.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has been announced for a July 2017 release, with Johnny Depp confirmed to make yet another return to the franchise. Alongside Depp, Christoph Waltz and Geoffrey Rush are rumoured to be playing Captain Brand and Captain Barbossa respectively, but there aren't many other details yet. Filming is due to commence in 2015.

• IDW are adapting BBC America's Orphan Black into comic book series . The comic will consist of original stories but be set in the same world after the events of season two.

• Filming on the next James Bond film is soon to be underway, but unlike in Skyfall , Daniel Craig and his chums are heading off to sunny Rome to shoot the 24th movie. We don't know much more, except to maybe expect a car chase through the famous Quattro Fontane. We'll have to wait until October 2015 to see...

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