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    Submitted by John Eric Sy

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  • PS1 | Submitted by Mark Malonso

    Secret Strength Boost

    Before attempting to get this secret item, make sure that your character has at least ONE water magic. When you already have 500G, use it to spend a night at the hotel. Inside your room search for a 'hidden' Dream stone that could be sold for 2000G (don't worry; this stone has no other use rather than be sold...). Sleep on the bed after you've located the stone. A 'dream' sequence follows wherein an Ootang (the monkey of this game for those of you who don't know...) goes inside a hollow log at the entrance of Carona Forest. Do the same after you've woke up. Inside this secret area, there is a wilted Mandala (plant...). Use your water magic to replenish its vitality and to step on its bloom. On the ledge, you will find a book called The Last Hero. Exit the area and take the book to a man named Rod (he is at the outskirts of Carona Town) and he will give you 4 strength ups in return.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Legendary Meals

    One of the few secrets available in the game is the Legendary Meals. By finding the Legendary Sword (Underground Ruins), Legendary Shield (Raging Mountain) and the Legendary Helmet (Maya's Tower), you can give them to Jargen in the tavern and have him make special meals for you. He'll make the meals for you, but only if you bring him the ingredients. The ingredients are in the form of monster corpses - lots of monster corpses. Ask him for the "Today's Special" and he'll tell you what he needs. Go get the ingredients and return. Usually he'll ask for different ingredients - this is normal! Sooner or later he'll ask for them again. You can make only ten meals. After the tenth is made, the legendary items break and you'll get a Platinum Coin. Note: The special is randomly chosen.

    Pollywog Soufflý: This meal is made from 50 Pollywogs (Carona Forest). It increases your strength by +2.

    Mushroom Soup: This meal is made from 50 Fungies (Mel's Atelier). It increases your MP by +10.

    Gudon's Liver Soup: This meal is made from 30 Gudons (Underground Ruins). It increases your defense by +2.

    Minced Fire Blob: This meal is made from 50 Fire Blobs (Raging Mountain). It increases your HP by

  • PS1 | Submitted by John

    Easy Defeat on rod

    When fighting rod be sure you have the saber tiger. Wright after you start fighting Rod turn into Saber Tiger. This might take of some hp but it's worth it. Once you change into Saber Tiger keep on using Thrust on Rod and he should die quickly. Make sure you have over 110 hp and 90 mp at least because thrust takes mp. Also make sure you take a break at the hotel before you fight Rod.

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Silver coin, and 2 Bronze coins

    When you have to take Prima doll to the lakeside talk to the people around the fountain. One of them will give you a silver coin. And the bronze coins are by the gate that takes you every where and the other is in the dark alley by the boxes

  • PS1 | Submitted by Alex

    Real Maya

    When you beat Mode Master as Mint when you think your fighting Maya and you have to pick which is the real Maya it's the one on the left.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Billy

    1 Silver Coin and 3 Bronze Coins

    message: 1st to get the Bronze Coins, at the beginning of the game, there is a Pink/Purple seashell lookin' thing.if you stand next to it, any side, and press X, you will open it and get 3 Bronze Coins! now,the Silver Coin(if your Rue), you know, after you save Elena, she runs of challenging you to a race, without saying so. Transform into a Saber Tiger, and run ahead of her. before you go around the last corner, Transform back into Rue, and go around the last corner.when Elena finds you she should say "Wow Polly Your Fast!" and give you a Silver Coin.

  • PS1 | Submitted by crypt999

    Easy way through underground ruins

    To get to where the waterfalls are from the start just keep on taking rights, and you'll eventually come to a waterfall. On the other side of that you just go right, then left.

  • PS1 | Submitted by D.J.

    Tons Of Life Coins!!!

    Go to the church in Corona and talk to the guy in there. He will ask you if you want to pray. Say yes. Then he will ask you for a donation. Give him 1,000G and he will give you 10 bronze life coins. The other 3 choices of money will give you the other life coins. I don't know how many coins he gives you out of those though.

  • PS1 | Submitted by Wolverine

    Easy win against first guardian

    Before u fight the guardian with Rau make sure u have a saber tiger and once u get to him morph the saber tiger and use lunge attack and move wen it jumps it should be dead in no time. defeating it with Mint is harder. First hit it with ur normal attack then run in a circle and wen he stops fire triple blade then run REPEAT THIS PATTERN. (u can hit it while its running in circles if u manage to get behind it) P.S. I hope this helps you