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This Elgato Stream Deck Cyber Monday deal rivals its lowest price ever

Cyber Monday gaming deals
(Image credit: Elgato)

The iconic Elgato Stream Deck is 33% off at Amazon thanks to a Cyber Monday gaming deal, dropping the price of this essential streaming tool and handy setup upgrade to just $99.99. You're getting the basic 15-key version here, but for this price, any Elgato is a steal.

This deal is just $3 off the lowest price ever seen for the Elgato Stream Deck, so barring some rare coupons added on top, it doesn't get much better than this. Whether you're a live streamer looking to build out your rig or a fan of convenient and programmable quick-launch buttons, this is a great time to grab this tried-and-true peripheral. 

With the Elgato Stream Deck, you get 15 keys that you can assign to programs, media scenes and controls, software, websites, a range of settings, hotkeys, and just about everything else you can open or adjust on your PC or Mac. It's sort of like a keyboard crossed with a circuit breaker, letting you instantly access core utilities with the press of a button. This thing is a godsend if you have a layered or finnicky setup, and even if you just want a nifty panel that lets you open your favorite programs and pages quickly, the Elgato Stream Deck comes in mighty handy.


Elgato Stream Deck |  $149.99 $99.99 at Amazon
Save $50 - This indispensable quick-access panel makes it easy to find and open the most important stuff on your computer, and it'll look sharp on your desk too.  

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This is one of our favorite Cyber Monday gaming deals so far because it's just that convenient, but there's also a huge amount of games, systems, and more on sale right now.  

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