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This 55" 4K TV from TCL is only $148 with this Black Friday deal

TCL Series 55S20
(Image credit: TCL)

If you're thinking of making the leap to 4K as Xbox Series X and PS5 make their debut, it doesn't get much (read: any) cheaper than this for a 55" TV. Mind, TCL is a budget brand, but the quality of its TVs often belie their price tags - we even listed a TCL TV in our list of the best gaming TVs.

Point is: yes, this 55" 4K TV is absurdly cheap, but you aren't compromising on image quality and dependability as much as you might think. You've got true 4K resolution and HDR, not to mention the convenience of Roku TV, and it's all backed by a brand that's increasingly being recognized for delivering quality products at insane values.

With the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, 4K gaming is quickly becoming the standard. And though you can easily spend upwards of $5 grand on a 4K TV, brands are stepping up to the plate to let gamers working with tighter budgets enjoy all of those sweet, sweet pixels. Still, a 55" 4K for under $200 is basically unheard of, so this deal should absolutely not be overlooked.

TCL 55" 4K Roku Smart TV deal

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