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Thief Chapter Replay locations guide

South Quarter 

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets
For this chapter, head to the south part of Barons’s Way South and along the west side of the street will be a red lit tunnel. Go down the stairs there and enter Raker’s Ditch. Go down the stairs and there will be a lever to the right that you will need to pull to lower the bridge. Once it’s down, you can cross over to the other side and reach the chapter start.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken
When you reach the South Quarter, go all the way south to the docks at the Siren’s Rest. At the end of them will be the marker to restart the mission.

Ector’s Client Job 2: Silence is Golden
To reach this chapter start again, you will need to climb the rope to the west of the marker and then hop off to the east. Go through the two windows and follow the platforms over to the east side where the chapter start is on the second floor of the Oxheart Perry building, inside the open window.

Vittori’s Client Job 1: Happy Medium
On the far west side of the Riverside rooftops, just to the left of the sewers, you can find this chapter start around the corner from the large gate that you need to open by pulling the lever.

Vittori’s Client Job 2: The Carnal Connoisseur
To reach this chapter start again, you will need to Baron’s Way North and enter the opening that leads to the Eelbiter’s Squat. Go to the second floor and hop out the window there. Follow the platforms outside the window to the right and then across to the other side of the street. Hop on the rope and the chapter start will be there on the right.

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