These Westworld finale images hint at the thrills to come *SPOILERS*

So now we know that Westworld's finale is going to be 90 minutes long, it's difficult to even concentrate on anything that isn't Host related. Yes, I know you've been down more Reddit rabbit holes than you care to admit and, if you haven't, here's everything you need to know about Westworld's Two Timelines theory

But what's going to be in those 90 minutes and are we going to get satisfying answers to all our questions? Let's take a look at the images released by HBO so far and make wild claims about what they might mean. 

Be warned, spoilers and blatant wild conjecture ahead. 

Right, lets start with possibly the most intriguing still. The last we saw of Maeve and Hector, things were err, hotting up significantly in that tent and Maeve was clearly intent on taking them back to the lab to meet Felix. Well it looks like she gets her wish and she's somehow taken Armistice along for the ride too. Who knows where they're on their way to but Felix is obviously helping with a dastardly escape plan. I just don't see it ending particularly well for everyone. Someone might just notice those three... Especially Armistice with that face tattoo. Also, food for thought, if they're in a lift, where exactly is it going to take them? The real world or another park...?

Then we've got Teddy. Oh Teddy, things aren't going particularly well for you, are they? We saw last week as he suddenly remembered being responsible for the murder of an entire town apparently aiding the dastardly Wyatt. While Wyatt was shown as a rogue cowboy, Teddy's memories then changed just showing him killing everyone and not Wyatt. 

We also know that Dolores was also responsible for killing an entire town and then Arnold in the great catastrophe in the park 30 years ago. Somehow these timelines mash up and it's not entirely clear how. There's fan theories that Dolores is Wyatt but also ones that say Teddy is. Whoever Wyatt is, it looks like Teddy might just be finding out in the scene above. 

And then there's Dolores herself. Here she is walking with the Man In Black but interestingly, she's wearing the same outfit as she was wearing when she left William behind, rather than her blue dress. While on the surface, you might think this could disprove the two timelines theory, chances are that she dons this outfit repeatedly as part of her traditional narrative - along with uncovering that gun in the dirt. 

Then there's the small matter of that cross emblazoned with her own name. This is most likely like the churchyard of the town that Ford has now uncovered as part of his new narrative but having Dolores' name there is particularly interesting. The game clearly deepens and the Man in Black is using Dolores to find out more. Note the grim 'safety coffin' bell on a string on the cross in case the buried came back to life and had to let people know. 

Westworld airs on HBO on Sunday's at 9pm in the US and on Sky Atlantic on Tuesdays at 9pm in the UK. You can also catch up via Sky On Demand or via Now TV.  

Images: HBO

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