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The Week In Sci-Fi

Humans! Bask in the glory of the entertainment that awaits you over the next seven days - you won't regret it...


Lighten your wallet of some inconveniently bulky cash by splurging on Twilight Zone: The Original Series: season four and 51 , both out on Blu-ray and DVD, or A Town Called Eureka: season four and Warehouse 13: season 2 , both on DVD.

Multipass! Bruce Willis saves the future-Earth in Fifth Element , 9pm on 5*.

Everybody has stopped having babies in a dystopian future Britain - Children Of Men is on ITV1 at 10:35pm.

Pierce Brosnan delivers the goods in Goldeneye , ITV2 at 10pm.

Disturbing Jack Nicholson based madness in classic horror The Shining , ITV4 at10pm.


He’s super, and he’s a man – there’s more Smallville at 9pm on E4.

A relentless tide of blood-sucking sauciness, True Blood ’s third season is airing on Channel 4 at 11:10pm.


The SFX Weekender’s finest, the mighty Brian Blessed, graces our screens in Flash Gordon , 7:45pm on ITV4.

Brand new supernatural drama The Fades finally arrives at 9pm on BBC Three.

There’s more Supernatural on Sky Living at 10pm.

Tom Cruise gives alien invaders a stern talking to in War Of The Worlds , 10pm on BBC Three .


The really rather wonderful Dan Abnett and his cohort Andy Lanning will be commandeering London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore and signing copies of Legion Lost from 6pm.

There’s more Warehouse 13 to be found on Syfy at 9pm.

Geographically confused female, or morally bankrupt succubus – you decide! Lost Girl is on 10pm at Syfy.


Catch up with the first series of The Walking Dead tonight at 9pm on FX.

Indulge yourself with a bit of old-school nonsense with Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies , on 5* at 10pm


Brentford’s finest export, the inimitable Robert Rankin , descends on London’s Forbidden Planet from 1pm to sign copies of his latest, The Mechanical Messiah .

Celebrate a quarter of a century since Aliens by visiting the National Space Centre for Aliens Anniversary , on today and tomorrow. Meet actors from the films and take part in panels, workshops and Q&A sessions. But don’t scream, no one will hear you.

The Doctor re-visits an old friend in Doctor Who , 7:10pm on BBC One.

The original and the best, Michael J Fox dons his finest hairpiece and basketball trainers in Teen Wolf, 10pm on Sky Living.

Sean Bean runs around in rags being all heroic in The Lost Future , 8pm on Syfy.


One of Roald Dahl’s most enduring creations gets a welcome airing - The BFG in on BBC Three at 2:05pm.

There’s family fantasy goodness aplenty in The Princess Bride , Channel 5 at 3:10pm.

He’s got claws, and he will break your face if you look at him the wrong way – find out what made Logan so bleedin’ angry all the time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 6:50pm on Channel 4.

Arnie battles an invisible menace in Predator , 10pm on Channel 4.

Can’t see your hand in front of your face? Must be The Fog , ITV4 at 10pm

Go on, admit it - Waterworld isn’t as bad as everyone makes out. Re-assess Costner’s folly at 10pm on Syfy.