The Top 7... Worst things you can do to a gamer

1) Tellthem it's 'just a game'

Right, everyone but the most deluded of folk know that the action taking place on screen is a digital fantasy – a place where you can be nigh on immortal (hello, respawns!), the best sportsperson ever or a commander of bloodthirsty armies. But here’s the thing, being told that it’s only a game by a third party is needlessly mean. Not to mention cruelly dismissive of someone’s hobby.

Above:Why is one hobby worth more than another?Everyone needs recreation, cathartic or otherwise

The worst time to hear this is when you’re at the height of your frustration with a game.For example, remember the TV station in Modern Warfare? On Veteran it’s harder than kevlar-coated diamonds – you need a release for your anger as you snuff it over and over again, right? So you have a swear. A big swear. A swear not only loud enough to wake a sleeping child but also make them sob at the sheer ferociousness of its delivery. There’s a split-second of silence before someone chirps up with the infamous line – ‘Jeez, it’s only a game’.

Above: Clearly Justin didn't write this entry. But he wrote this caption and reckons the pic needs anti-aliasing

It can be meant as a defusing measure, intended to bring the gamer’s stress levels down but it rarely does. The phrase is always received in a patronising manner, because let’s be honest, that’s how it’s intended 99.9% of the time. And not only has it *not* reduced the rage but the subtext of the gamer being a) not very good and b) getting worked up over a stupid little game means that there’s almost zero chance of regaining the concentration needed to carry on playing.

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18 Mar, 2011

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