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The Top 7... worst product cameos

5. Snickers (Biker Mice From Mars - European)

If we had organized this list by sheer number of product placements in a game, Biker Mice From Mars would win in an overwhelming and suffocating landslide of ad banners. They're pretty much everywhere - on walls, on floors, on billboards, and, naturally, on bikes and on mice - and every last one of them is for Snickers candy bars. Don't worry, though, because when you invariably get hungry from all this advertising, the in-game shop has got you covered with a wide variety of... wait for it... Snickers.

Mercifully, Snickers was only a sponsor of Biker Mice in the European edition, meaning the rest of the world can blissfully continue eating candy bars without simultaneously conjuring images of juiced sewer rats in tight leather jackets. No suck luck on the disturbing images that slogans like "Hungerectomy" and "Satisfactellent" bring to mind.

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