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The Top 7... worst product cameos

6. BAWLS Energy Drink (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel; Run Like Hell)

It's comforting to know that, when nuclear apocalypse eradicates most of civilization, the two things that will survive are cockroaches and overpriced energy soft drinks. That way, the mutated remnants of humanity will at least have stuff to eat and drink.

Seriously, though, BAWLS scares us. Not only are they striking exclusive partnerships with developers (willthe futureFalloutMMOfeature BAWLS brand magic healing potions?), but they're also sponsoring big gaming events left and right. At this alarming rate, we may all soon have BAWLS in our mouths.

I enjoy sunshine, the company of kittens and turning frowns upside down. I am also a fan of sarcasm. Let's be friends!