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The Top 7... "That’s a Dude!?" game characters

This isn’t simply an excuse to point and laugh at the femmy kid, heavens no! We at GamesRadar are well aware there’s no humor to be mined from the transgendered, and that being gay is, most certainly, serious business. Nay, this PC article is a semi-researched, gender-bending celebration! And when need be, we’ve got reasoning, fan art, and crotch shots to back up our claims of confusion. Um... so there.

Shades of Lady:
- Semi-exposed midriff
- Absolutely adorable hair
- Cries

Proof of Penis:
- Kissed a girl once. But anyone of drinking age and access to a Girls Gone Wild commercial, or college, knows girl kissin’ is no longer the sport of men alone.

The Final Fantasy series isn’t exactly known for its masculine protagonists, but Tidus (which we’ve taken to boldypronouncing as “Tit-us”) was a whole different ball of wax. Early on we see a refusal to part with his half-hoodie while underwater and go shirtless with the rest of his fellow aquatic athletes that can only be described as Mulan-esque.

Above: "Dude, lose the hoodie! You're draggin' the team down!"

But if you skipped the Blitzball portion of his past, as most gamers did, you were presented with a character capable ofhormonal moods swings, swerving from giggle puss to crying jag in a Zanarkand minute.

Above:Tidus propositions Steve Carell

Shades of Lady:
- A red mane that's the envy of all
- Dons a purdy pink corset

Proof of Penis:
- Kind of a player
-A self-centered prick

Above:Fan Art by ~Kara-pu

You may not know it to look at him, but Zelos is actually quite the lady's man -and not the other way around. Plus he’s no stranger to spying on women in the shower, and that’s something you’d never catch a lady doing. Think about it...

Shades of Lady:
- Candy colored clothing
- A hint of mascara

Proof of Penis:

Above: Neither camel toe, nor moose knuckle - It’s a draw, folks!

It’s funny, before the recent update, no one bothered questioning the sex of Sega’s favorite preening eunuch. Guy, girl - who cared? He could fly, and that’s all that mattered. But Journey of Dreams made the ambiguity of Nights' gender slightly more menacing by giving "it" a voice that can only be described as half female and half demon.

Oh yeah... and he/she, uh, has a tendency to kidnap troubled children in their sleep and ask them to touch him. Her... whatever. This isn’t necessarily isn’t gender specific, but we dare say it’s somewhat inappropriate.

Shades of Lady:

- The prettiest green dress you ever did see!
- Goth-chic haircut

Proof of Penis:
- A voice that could wake the Gods.

Hey, some people can pull off a green tunic, others... not so much. Jiro may look like a young Natalie Portman, but once you hear his booming English voice over, it’s clear this dragon-capable firebrand is all man. Or boy.