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The Top 7... shower scenes

Strength/temperature of shower stream: Judging by the steam the temperature seems perfectly balanced. However those repositionable Hydro Massage Jets seem to be operating on only 43% of their optimum pressure output, so Shion's not getting the full level of relaxation she could. She also has the foot massage function switched off - this is obviously a conscious choice as she's clearly in full control of the F3-type control panel.

Level of cleanliness: Dirt is computer-controlled in this utopian shower facility, so Shion's cleaner than a whistle.

Quality of shower facility: High-tech and multi-functional, with a closed circuit video chat terminal within easy reach. However there appears to be an issue with the air conditioning or extraction fan as the air has cooled very quickly in the few seconds since the shower has been shut off. Despite this, it's easily the best shower we've seen and every game babe should try getting wet and naked in it.

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Jul 7, 2008