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The Top 7... shower scenes

Strength/Temperature of shower stream: The immediate appearance of steam suggests the heat-up time is nominal, especially as Aya stands underneath it as she turns the faucet. However there appears to be limescale in the fixed shower head as the tell-tale jets' trajectory deviates from their intended course intermittently.

Level of cleanliness: Poor - with such a delapidated shower unit, Aya is likely soaking in more dirt that she's washing off.

Quality of the shower facility: Cracked and broken tiles underfoot will harbour germs and could cut bare feet. Also signs of mould between said tiles and clear signs of inadequate moisture extraction, allowing steam to escape into adjoining room. Let's hope that paint is latex-based and fully cured, or problems are certain to arise in the future.

Strength/Temperature of shower stream: The traditional rose head is producing a disappointingly light sprinkling, although the temperature appears adequate.

Level of cleanliness: Christie's skin may be smooth, but without power-assisted pressure, the exfoliating benefits of this particular shower are highly debatable. It's making her wet - that's all.

Quality of the shower facility: The room is spacious and well lit, although the degree of privacy leaves something to be desired. However, the floor-to-ceiling tiling is commendable - essential in a wet room such as this.