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The Top 7... shower scenes

Strength/temperature of shower stream: A standard bath/shower mixer installed, unusually, on a wall that isn't above a bath. It's obvious by the lady's tears that she wishes she'd listened to the plumber when he said a standard shower/bath mixer was an inferior, yet inexpensive alternative to the more pricey but reliable Thermostatic mixer option. It would have been worth the extra £60 if it meant that every time next door flushed the toilet her shower wasn't reduced to a mere trickle.

Level of cleanliness: She hasn't come in here to wash, she's come to sob about her poor choice of shower equipment.

Quality of shower facility: Grubby wet room - the kind favoured by continental swingers for their sordid sex fiestas.

Strength/temperature of shower stream: A water closet of lies. There's simply no way a torrent of the magnitude demonstrated in this clip could be maintained with the water pressure served to a common beach hut. The only logical possibility is that the establishment is equipped with an electric pump - which would seem to laugh in the face of modern plumbing techniques. Lets just hope they've equipped the system with the required 50mm waste pipe.

Level of cleanliness: Not a hint of lather.

Quality of shower facility: A wooden shack.