The Top 7... shower scenes

Strength/temperature of shower stream: Pretty consistent, but about 13 seconds in she appears to be re-testing the water temperature with her hands - a sure sign her flatmate has briefly turned on the hot tap in the kitchen. Lack of red marks on her back indicates this is not a power shower.

Level of cleanliness: Poor. Someone must have used up all the shower gel. Very little sluicing of lady crevices.

Quality of shower facility: Nondescript cubicle arrangement.

Strength/temperature of shower stream: A shower of confusion. Not only does the stream appear to come from all directions but she's also holding a detatchable shower head in her hands. Whether the primary stream is coming from that or a fixed head is not clear. A progressive arrangement - almost certainly an expensive rainforest hybrid.

Level of cleanliness: Disappointingly, an unlubricated douche. A shame given the exceptional shower.

Quality of shower facility: High level of craftmanship - especially the frosted glass doors arranged in a lift door configuration.