The Top 7... movie games that don't suck

By now, you know the spiel: most Hollywood executives see movie-based games as nothing more than merchandising, no different from action figures and themed socks. Therefore, they could not give a rat's ass about quality, so long as the game sells. And therefore, most movie games are crap. And blah, blah, blah.

We're not here to debate the reasons why 95% of movie games are miserable turds. We like to focus on the positive. And we know that for every 20 or so Rambos or E.T.s or Enter the Matrixes, there's a game released alongside a film that absolutely nailed its source material. So we're going to look at the successes, the games that failed to be horrible cash-ins and stuck out in our minds as glorious reminders of everything we liked about the movies.

You know, the ones that didn't suck.