The Top 7... Most Evil Games

Custer’s Revenge
Custer’s Revenge still holds the crown as the most offensive and loathsome game ever. Why? Because it's the only one that combines the hateful aspects of every game we've covered so far. It's racist, sexist,guilty of making light of genocide, and features rape. In this Atari 2600 title, you pilot a naked General Custer past waves of arrows towards a tied up (and also naked) Native American woman.

The game’s box art plays up the sexiness of Custer’s Revenge with bold warnings of erotic content and an image of the tied up woman wearing a sickeningly sensual “come hither” expression. But how anyone could find watching the southern general’s pixilated cock bounce up and down before making him force himself on a poor tied up woman arousing escapes us.

The only way this game could be more offensive would be if Custer gave the woman some blankets laced with smallpox after he was through having his way with her. Thankfully, the game’s designers decided to torture you further by making you play the same level again with a few changes to the background color instead.