The Shield

Aspyr announced it has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with 20th Century Fox to publish the The Shield on PC and Playstation2. The game will be based on the edgy police drama produced by Fox Television Studios and airing on the FX Network.And yes - this is apparently the same game that was originally going to be published by Sammy US back in 2004. Apparently, developer Point of View never gave up hope and things worked out in the end, just like a Hallmark movie.

Above: This "PS2/Xbox" screen from May 2004 is the most recentshot we have of The Shield. It might still look like this, we suppose.

Players will take on the role of detective Vic Mackey ina third-person action brawler which takes place in the gritty inner city streets of Los Angeles. Aspyr hopes The Shield game will bring the TV show to life and features the voices of several favorite cast members, including the series' star, Michael Chiklis. Aspyr will release The Shield in North America and Europe this winter.

October 13, 2006