The sexy costumes of Bullet Witch

There are few games with titles as straightforward asBullet Witch. It tells a story: you'll control a witch; she has a gun. But what you might not pick up on from the title is the little details. Alicia - the witch in question - has a damn big magic gun that blows the crap out of everything in her path. And she looks very fine while doing it.

We know you like theladies so we though we'd give you first crack at Alicia's many outfits. Which one is the sexiest? Easy money is on the schoolgirl, of course, but the pixie has its skintight charms. Don't count out the naughty secretary, mummy or white witch outfits either. Alicia knows how to work all of 'em.

Keep reading to take a tour through Alicia's looks, or see them in motion by hitting the Movies tab up above. Don't forget that clicking the Images tab will deliver many, many more screens of witchy goodness your way.

Now, it doesn't take an expert to tell you Alicia is grade-A hot. But fashion? That's another thing. We asked Stephen Pierce, graduate of The London College of Fashion and GR's resident fashion expert to give an informed take on the looks...