The Page Turner review

Imagine a vintage Chabrol thriller, set within the milieu of classical music, and you’ll have some idea of this skilfully understated revenge drama from writer/ director Denis Dercourt. Butcher’s daughter Mélanie (Déborah François) is the eerily self-possessed young woman who moves into the mansion of married concert pianist Ariane (Catherine Frot), taking on the crucial role of page turner at recitals. The highly-strung Ariane finds herself falling for her new employee, oblivious to the real reasons for Mélanie’s scrupulous attentiveness.

The teenage François (who also excelled in the Dardenne brothers’ The Child ) delivers an impressively controlled performance, her darting eyes conveying the emotions concealed by her character’s impassive demeanour. And there’s a psychologically satisfying coup de grace, all the more memorable because it doesn’t involve bloodshed.

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