The Night We Called It A Day review

Not for those who get doe-eyed about Ol' Blue Eyes - this sees Dennis Hopper playing Frank Sinatra on his calamitous trip to Australia in 1974.

Promoter Rod Blue (Joel Edgerton) lures the fading crooner down under on the promise of easy crowds. But when Sinatra calls TV reporter Hilary Hunter (Portia de Rossi) a "two-dollar whore" it prompts Aussies to boycott his tour and, effectively, make him and future-wife Barbara Marx (Melanie Griffith) prisoners in their hotel. It's farcical stuff: fun and sweet in places, but the film's let down by Hopper - who's too iconic to play someone else so familiar and looks uncomfortable miming the songs. The bleak picture of Sinatra also sits uneasily with the affectionate culture-clash comedy set-pieces and sentimental finale. A kick, then, but far from perfect.

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