The Mummy vs GI Joe

Action adventure GI Joe now has it's villain, just days after Channing Tatum’ was confirmed as hero Duke and Dennis Quaid signed on the team’s main commander, General Hawk.

The new bad guy is an old pal of GI Joe director Stephen Sommers: Arnold Vosloo, the man who played Imhotep the Mummy of both of Sommers’ sand-swept blockbusters.

Vosloo will play Zartan, a cunning, chameleonic mercenary who can often be found working with Destro and Cobra. Boasting 20 languages (probably never had a girlfriend at school), martial arts skills (well, maybe he did), archery and a biker gang (okay, definitely did) known as the Dreadnoks backing him up, he also suffers from multiple personality disorder.

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