The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Hyrule's unfriendliest pig-monster is definitely back ("No discussion of Twilight Princess' enemies can end without mentioning Ganon," says Nintendo's Yoshiyuki Oyama), and his lackeys are bigger and badder than ever. The new-look Stalfos - 'Skeletons' to people not wearing pixie hats - show just how dark Zelda's art style and attitude have gone, and we've also seen the snazzy new Skulltula spiders in all their eight-legged, evil-soaked glory.

Bizarrely, Skull Kid (Link's lead nemesis in Majora's Mask) puts in an appearance, too. Plus, monkeys, giant pot plants, and a big blazing boss.

On the non-evil side, Princess Zelda's moping around in a funereal cloak that signifies the death of Hyrule and holding a sword that some see as a sign she'll be joining Link in combat. Link himself seems to have some kind of control over animals, if the hawk he sends flitting around levels is anything to go by. And, for old-school fans, the loveable Gorons return - along with the aquatic Zoras, if we've heard the rumour mill's rumblings correctly.

All good stuff, but we haven't ticked everything off our wish list just yet. We're praying for war in Hyrule - Ganon chucking entire armies of minions at you for blistering battles that'll make your telly faint. We want Link to learn crazy-delicious new moves as he beefs up his weapon; enemies that switch tactics to keep you on your toes; and proper orchestral music.

And to encourage people to play Twilight Princess the Revolution way, why not include some free credits to download any Zelda you fancy from Rev's download service?

Release date? It's all over the shop. Or, more accurately, shops. It's only Reggie's recent confirmation of an autumn launch that's ended retailers' and online stores' mad speculations that Zelda could hit anywhere from March to November. So, appropriately, Twilight Princess will hit your GameCube as the dark nights draw in. Yes, we can't wait either.