The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

In many ways, this is comfortingly familiar stuff. Zelda's RPG-like towns - opening farming village Toaru, for starters - are chock full with chats, side quests and tutorials. Link's back in the saddle, too, with horses and boars helping you cross the colossal overworlds.

But Twilight Princess is stuffed with newness, too, including the new horseback combat, seen as far back as 2004 and making us giggle at the prospect of making pork chops out of pig-men while horsepower whips us across Hyrule. And if that's too violent for you, you can always hook fish from a canoe, you big softy.

The dungeons - sure to be as fiendishly clever and trickily bossed-up as ever - boast all kinds of innovations too. Gale Boomerangs whip up a storm to drag items your way; item combining lets you fill oil lanterns and rustle up Bomb Arrows like some crazy cook; and a new top-down viewpoint echoes the Zeldas of old.

And, yep, you can grab hold of a Cuccos - that's 'chickens' to people with non-pointy ears - and float to hidden areas in the way you know you love. Just watch for bird flu, eh?