The Hobbit: First Casting Announced

Martin Freeman is Bilbo! Being Human ’s Aidan Turner is Kili! Spooks ’ Ruchard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield! Some bloke from EastEnders is Fili!

Other confirmed casting includes:

Plus: Rounding off the company of dwarves are John Callen ( Power Rangers Jungle Fury ) as Oin, Stephen Hunter ( All Saints) as Bombur, Mark Hadlow ( King Kong ) as Dori and Peter Hambleton ( The Strip ) as Gloin.Says Jackson: “"I am also proud to announce the casting of New Zealand actors as Peter Hambleton, John Callen and Stephen Hunter. Fran and I know that they will bring great depth and talent to our Company of Dwarves."

Sounds like the sexiest bunch of dwarves ever to us; should do wonders for their image as a race.