The games that shaped a generation: PS2

18. Rez

United Game Artists | Sega | 2002

Superb on-rails shooter with flashy bits and trance-inducing music. Or, if you prefer, an interactive fireworks display for gamers mashed on drugs

What made it so great?
Sure, the wholesynaesthesiathing is a bit up its own hole, but Rez really is as pure a shot of shooter stimulus as any gaming junkie could wish for. The press-and-drag targeting system is simplicity defined, while chaining targets for optimum points payback is all about memory, skill and being able to find focus - and homing missiles - amongst a chaotic fantasia of sensory assaulting star bursts.

Get ready to play
Rez polarizes opinion. Some people say it's the best thing since God, while others think it's an overrated crock of shit. You might be blown away or just simply blowing raspberries. Quality of drugs may be a factor in which way you swing on the Rez debate.

Been there, done that?
If you dig the shooting-enemies-from-memory stuff, but Rez's fancy new-age synaesthesia codswallop is too namby-pamby, you need to play R-Type Final. A traditional 2D shooter in 3D clothing, it's a power-ups-a-plenty, hard as nails, man's man shooter.