The Fast and the Furious

A few new modes exclusive to PSP allow four players to hunker into wi-fi tournaments. One is a mountainside clash to determine the slickest drifts through corners, as angle, speed and skid length are meticulously judged by the game’s robot brains. The winner is whoever elegantly ransacks the most turns. And hysterical whines might reverberate through ears as players urge each other faster in tag-team drag competitions. Here one car flies up the strip, u-turns, then powers back to tag the other car so it can do the same to complete the race.

While multiplayer doesn’t move fast enough for you to put a humongous racing wing on the rear of your PSP, and sometimes slips to choppiness, the developers assure you they’re twisting those wrenches to speedify it. Loading times also dragged, but hopefully those will be ratcheted upon as well.