The Consequences Of Love review

Why has the middle-aged Italian businessman Titta (Toni Servillo) been holed up at an anonymous Swiss hotel for the last eight years? What's in the suitcase that he delivers by hand to the local bank once a week? And for what reason is he so incredibly wary of talking to the friendly young barmaid Sofia (Olivia Magnani)?

Neapolitan writer/director Paolo Sorrentino has created an enigmatic and stylishly shot thriller, which heads off in some pleasurably unexpected directions, right down to its sweeping final shot (the potential love story is actually a decoy for an exploration into the workings of the Sicilian Mafia). Set almost entirely in a series of soulless interior locations, The Consequences Of Love succeeds in being suspenseful and affecting, with Servillo putting in a superbly controlled performance as the tragic loner.

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