The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 7

Pokémon Name: Weavile
Type: Dark / Ice
Classification: Sharp Claw
Pokédex Number: 145 Sinnoh / 461 National
Abilities: Pressure – Foes use two PP for every move used
Dream World ability: Pickpocket – If user currently has no hold item, user steals opponent's hold item if opponent makes contact
Useful Attacks: Night Slash
Location Found:
D/P/P/HG/SS: Level up Sneasel while holding Sharp Claw at night
B/W: Evolve Sneasel

Sneasel, the sneaky weasel Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver, is back as Weavile, and sporting a stylish Mayan headress to boot. Faster and more deadly than ever, Weavile is primarily a simple stat upgrade from Sneasel, but remains a versatile and speedy Pokémon.