The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 3

Pokémon Name: Shieldon
Type: Rock / Steel
Classification: Shield
Pokédex Number: 038 Sinnoh / 410 National
Abilities: Sturdy – One-hit KO moves don't work
Dream World ability: Soundproof – Immune to all sound moves
Useful Attacks: Swagger
Location Found:
Pearl: Revive from Armor Fossil
Platinum (if trainer ID ends in even number): Revive from Armor Fossil
Diamond/Platinum/HG/SS: Trade from Diamond/Platinum or revive from traded Armor Fossil (hold item)
B/W: Revive from Armor Fossil

Shieldon is a tiny triceratops...without the tri ceras, leaving only a metallic shield covering its head. While its attack and speed stats aren't anything to write home about, its defense and Rock and Steel types allow it to withstand a variety of powerful attacks. While weak to a variety of attack types, Shieldon takes only quarter damage from Normal type attacks and can dish out Rock and Steel attacks.

Evolves to Bastiodon at Level 30.