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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Hints

  • PS2, Wii, PSP, DS | Submitted by someone special

    Where to Find Lucy's Cordial

    Behind the statue of Peter there is a hole in the wall. Go through it and you will find the room it is hidden in!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by The Snow Queen


    A Cunning Plan! (10) - Collapse the battlefield by destroying the support pillars.
    A Pyrrhic Victory (35) - Escape Cair Paravel with Queen Susan's Horn.
    Approach To The How (10) - Complete the Approach to Aslan's How area.
    Aslan's Gift (70) - Rid Narnia of the Telmarines
    Bell Tower Rescue (10) - Rescue Edmund and Trumpkin from the bell tower.
    Cair Paravel Custodian (10) - Rescue Queen Susan's Horn from the throne room.
    Caspian's Retribution (20) - Seek vengeance from 200 Telmarine soldiers.
    Cave Dweller (10) - Work through the cavern to find a grapple.
    Centaur Charge (15) - Charge around as the centaur and take out 40 Telmarines.
    Coastal Guardian (10) - Fend off the Telmarine ships.
    Conqueror Of Lord Glozelle (10) - Defeat Lord Glozelle in the Cistern.
    Conqueror Of Lord Gregoire (10) - Defeat Lord Gregoire in battle.
    Courtyard Pugilist (10) - Battle through the courtyard to get to Peter.
    Defense Of The How (35) - Successfully complete all areas in and around Aslan's How.
    Equestrian Antics (10) - Defeat 20 enemies while on horseback.
    Father Christmas' Gifts (10) - Explore the treasure rooms and find the Pevensie's clothes and gifts.
    Feral Forest (10) - Find a safe route through the woods.
    Find A Friend (15) - Play 5 missions in co-op play.
    Fun With Friends (40) - Play 15 missions in co-op play.
    Gigantic Allies (10) - Defeat the archers that are threatening Cair Paravel.
    Girl Power (20) - Defeat 75 Telmarines as Susan.
    Gryphon Flight (10) - Use gryphons to take out the turret sentries.
    Into The Cistern (10) - Find a way into the secret cistern in Aslan's How.
    Junior Treasure Hunter (10) - Open 10 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
    Liberation (10) - Rescue Cornelius from the dungeons of Miraz's Castle.
    Lucy's Escape (10) - Help Lucy escape on horseback from the How.
    Miraz Vanquished (10) - Defeat King Miraz in the combat ring.
    My Body Is A Temple (40) - Upgrade your health fully in the game.
    Nature's Vengeance (10) - Take control of the trees and destroy the Telmarine army.
    Portcullis Peril (10) - Open the portcullis and let the Narnian army in.
    Remarkable Rodent (15) - Defeat 25 enemies as Reepicheep.
    Reply To All (15) - Issue a reply to 100 Telmarine enemies in the battle.
    River Retrieval (10) - Rescue Trumpkin from the water.
    Ruins Revealed (35) - Complete the entire Cair Paravel Ruins area.
    Salubrious Slumber (10) - Send 10 guards to sleep with Cornelius' sleep potions.
    Senior Treasure Hunter (50) - Open 50 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
    Siege Weapon Destruction (10) - Use the giants to destroy the catapults in Cair Paravel.
    Silent Sentries (10) - Defeat the sentries along the castle walls.
    Small Is Big (10) - Reach the control room to let the Narnian army in.
    Smash The Pane (10) - Defeat the White Witch.
    Stable Rescue (10) - Rescue Cornelius from the stables in Miraz's Castle.
    Stemming The Telmarine Tide (10) - Seal the doors and escape Cair Paravel.
    Surprise Attack (10) - Rescue Prince Caspian on the battlefield of Beruna.
    Surreptitious Arrival (35) - Complete all of the areas within Miraz's Castle Infiltration.
    Treasure Hunter (25) - Open 25 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
    Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire (75) - Open 75 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
    Treasure Meister (100) - Open ALL bonus chests in single or co-op play.
    Trumpkin's Delight (15) - Defeat 50 Telmarines as Trumpkin.
    Tyrus The Brave (10) - Reach King Miraz by scaling the castle terraces.
    Valiant Escape (35) - Complete all of the areas in Miraz Castle Assault.