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The best cheap gaming PC deals of the week

The best cheap gaming PC deals of the week
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As we now charge headfirst into the golden season of fall/autumn in this memorable (putting it lightly) year, bagging a cheap gaming PC deal is a great way to embrace the colder and darker times of the year. A 'cheap gaming PC deal' seems like an oxymoron but if you find one it can be the sweetest way into PC gaming. For those that don't fancy the task and work of building their own - kudos to you that do, it is a very satisfying thing to do if you're that way inclined - we've rounded up a whole range of pre-built bargains (relatively speaking, of course) and there really is a larger choice of cheap gaming PC out there than ever before. 

From ray-tracing monsters to lightweight machines that will game while also being modest office or home machines, there is a cheap gaming PC for you out there - probably right now. We'll see how many dip below that magical four-figure as this changes frequently, but you can definitely pick up a machine with a 16-series graphics card in for less than a thousand dollars or pounds. Whatever you want from a cheap gaming PC, though, you will avoid the portability premium which is added to all of the cheap gaming laptop deals out in the wild, where we see similar-specced builds go for far more.

In short, these cheap gaming PC bargains will offer cost-effective ways into PC gaming or be tempting upgrades, or even opportunities to merge a home office into a gaming machine, to enable you to have one do-it-all machine for work and play. All without having to spend thousands and thousands. 

We'll be updating this page regularly so you might even find one of the best gaming PCs - like the ASUS ROG GA15 that I use in my setup - here eventually too. Sales and deals abound, and there are definitely opportunities to find a real bargain with cheap gaming PC deals. Also, note that stock levels and prices are correct at the time of publishing, so get them while they're hot.

Cheap gaming PC retailers

US: Best Buy | Dell | Amazon | Newegg | B&H Photo | Adorama

UK: Amazon UK | Currys | Overclockers UK | LaptopsDirect | Argos

Those bargains will appear, as long as you apply a little perspective to the budget and what can actually come of it. With today's low-to-mid range components still being of a great standard, these can form the basis of a great cheap gaming PC. Add one or two more premium components and you can still keep the price down and squeeze some more performance and power from your budget. With a bit of balance and willingness to compromise across the board, you can get a real cracker of a cheap gaming PC from a major manufacturer or make too.

And remember! The beauty of gaming PCs is that even if you bought one that was a little light in one department, for example, RAM, then you can always take solace in the fact that you can upgrade that at home, at your own convenience. What you see on paper, really isn't the be-all and end-all of the PC's potential. Nice.

And don't forget: give the best antivirus software going a look just to make sure you're brand new gaming PC is well protected.

The best cheap gaming PC deal of the week - US

SkyTech Archangel | Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 500GB SSD | $1,299.99 $999.99 at Newegg
A great balance of a build here with the graphics card and the processor being the stars of the show in an otherwise very solid build. This is a reduced price for a timed period (until September 8th) so don't expect it to hang around!View Deal

Cheap gaming PC deals under $1000 - US deals

iBUYPOWER BB981 | Intel i5-9400F | GTX 1650 Super | 8GB RAM | 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD | $799.99 $649.99 at Best Buy
Built around a very solid mid-range CPU, this iBUYPOWER machine is great value. Yeah, the 1650 is the lowest 'current' graphics card in Nvidia's series but the Super variant is reliable and competent. The PC even comes with a mouse and keyboard to get you going. Not that they'll be the best in the business of course. It's currently reduced so act now to get this great deal!View Deal

SkyTech Chronos | Ryzen 3 3100 | GTX 1650 Super | 8GB RAM | 500GB SSD | $649.99 at Amazon
The epitome of a cheap gaming PC deal. This SkyTech machine is a lean gaming desktop and has compromised in the right ways to create a solid gaming PC for not much money (relatively). Tone down the settings on the latest and greatest, and you'll be fine; playing anything slightly older or more lightweight, and you'll be flying.View Deal

Dell G5 series | Intel 10th-gen CPUs | GTX 1650 - RTX 2060 Super/AMD RX 5600 | 8-32GB RAM | 1TB HDD (min.) + range of SSDs | from $685.99 at Dell
A big benefit of going to Dell now is that there are often deals forthcoming, and all their machines will have the latest tech - including Intel's 10th-generation processors. As a starting point, these are fantastic machines, and at that price point, a fantastic price to start off with too.View Deal

Alienware R11 series | Intel 10th-gen CPUs | GTX 1650 Super - RTX 2080Ti | AMD 5600 - RX 5700XT | 8-64GB RAM | up to 2TB SSD + 2TB SSD combos | from $911.39 at Dell
A big benefit of going to Dell now is that there are often deals forthcoming, and all their machines will have the latest tech - including Intel's 10th-generation processors. As a starting point, these are fantastic machines, and at that price point, a fantastic price to start off with too.View Deal

HP Omen GT13 | Ryzen 5 3600 | GTX 1660 Super | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | $949.99 at Best Buy
From a recognized range of reliable and solid gaming PCs this Omen model is a well-balanced build. It's probably one of the best off-the-shelf, non-ray-tracing PCs you can find right now.View Deal

ABS Master Gaming | Intel i5-10400 | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | $1,099.99 $949.99 at Newegg
A solid ray-tracing build this. Everything component-wise evens out and complements one another, and you get one of Intel's latest 10th-generation processors in there too. That's the unique selling point of this one. It's a reduced price though so won't last at this sub-four-figure price!View Deal

ASUS ROG Strix GA15 | Ryzen 5 3600X | GTX 1660 Super | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | $1,065.99 $999.99 at Best Buy
A variant of the PC I use every day, I can tell you that this is a great machine for work and play. It's a bit light on the RAM, but you can double that relatively cheaply after acquiring this machine. A great offering.View Deal

CLX SET Gaming Desktop | Ryzen 3 2200G | RTX 2060 | 8GB RAM | 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD | $999.99 at Best Buy
A brilliant case and point regarding the compromises needing to be made: here you can get a ray-tracing capable 2060 graphics card, but will have to tone down the processor and RAM a little. Again, nothing that can't be upgraded down the line.,View Deal

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Gaming PCs just over $1000 - US deals

If you can stretch to just over the $1,000 mark, then you might find yourself in bargain town as the bang for buck value might be a bit higher. Here are a couple of potential offers to consider.

iBUYPOWER BB984V2 | Intel i7-10700 | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 480GB SSD + 1TB HDD | $1,099.99 at Best Buy
Excellent value for money with this deal just over a thousand dollars. BY going over the four-figure mark a little bit, you get a very competent 10th-gen processor - an i7 variant, no less - and all the components to support great levels of ray-tracing gaming.View Deal

CyberPower PC Gamer Supreme | Ryzen 7 3700X | AMD RX 5700XT | 16GB RAM | 1TB SSD | $1,199.99 at Best Buy
If you like your gaming PC deals AMD-shaped then this is a great machine for you. As they are often a bit cheaper, on the whole, choosing both the processor and graphics card from the AMD side fo things keeps cost low, but maintains excellent performance. Just ignore the weird name of the PC, however.View Deal

Alienware R10 series | AMD Ryzen 5 3500 - Ryzen 9 3950X CPUs | RTX 2060 - RTX 2080Ti; AMD 5600 - RX 5700XT | 16-64GB RAM | up to 2TB SSD + 2TB SSD combos | from $1,205.39 at Dell
If you prefer your gaming PCs with premium quality, but also built around an AMD processor than Alienware's R10 Auroras are for you. These machines will take you over the four-figure mark for sure, but the opportunities for quality here are almost unmatched.View Deal

Cheap gaming PC deals under £1000 - UK deals

Stateside readers don't get all the fun and those in the UK can enjoy some sub-four-figure deals on gaming PC deals too right now. Amazon, predictably, does have a wide selection of PCs going, but we'll grow this list over time to get some cracking deals from other retailers and makers.

ADMI gaming PC | i5-9400F | GTX 1660 | 16GB RAM | 1TB HDD | £669.95 £629.95 at Amazon UK
This is true bargain territory. a Solid graphics card, good mid-range CPU (alright, it might not be the latest 10th-gen), and it retains 16GB of RAM. There isn't an SSD present but there have to be some compromises, and of course, you can add that in later.View Deal

CyberpowerPC Wyvern | i5-9400F | RTX 2060 | 16GB RAM | 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD | £769.20 at Amazon UK
This is great value and bags you a ray-tracing-capable machine without too many compromises elsewhere. What's more CyberpowerPC is a trusted manufacturer so you know it's going to be quality.View Deal

ASUS ROG GA15 | Ryzen 5 3600X | GTX 1650 Super | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD | £849.99 £799.99 at Amazon UK
This is the make and model of the machine I use every day. Mine has a higher spec but it's the same PC in sprit, build and design so I can vouch for this being a great PC. It won't be a total AAA, top-setting, 4K cruncher but for value for money, this is something else and offers an awesome gaming machine for less than 800 quid after a neat 50-pound discount.

View Deal

Gaming PCs just over £1000 - UK deals

If you're in the UK and you can stretch your budget to a bit over the four-figure mark then you really might find yourself in great deal territory. It's still the case that a lot of PC makers and sellers prefer to cut prices while still a bit above four figures instead of cutting them to dip below that threshold so this is a great place to look if your budget goes that far.

Palicomp gaming PC | Ryzen 7 1800X | RTX 2070 | 16GB RAM | 240GB SSD + 2TB HDD | £1034.99 at Amazon UK
Palciomp makes some great machines with considered builds that often serve up some pleasantly surprising component combinations and this is of that persuasion somewhat. For a handful of beans over £1000 you can get a massive 2070 graphics card teamed with a great Ryzen CPU and solid supporting hardware. Nice.View Deal

CyberpowerPC Warrior | i7-9700F | RTX 2060 Super | 16GB RAM | 240GB SSD + 2TB HDD | £1,156.80 at Amazon UK
If you want to get a Super RTX card then this machine from Cyberpower is a wonderful model to consider. With all the makings of a powerhouse - without going mental on the price - this is worth your attention for the 'just over a thousand' category.
View Deal

ASUS ROG GA15 | Ryzen 7 3700X | RTX 2060 Super | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD | £1,399.99 £1,299.99 at Amazon UK
Note: This is out of stock right now, Sept 1st, but the price cut is still valid so I'm keeping it in here so you can take advantage of it when it comes back into stock.
Going just a bit over the four-figure mark but with a solid little discount, is the great GA15 appearing in another form. This is the exact build I use so can personally testify to its genuine quality - it's a great machine.View Deal

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