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The 12 most misunderstood videogame villains

You know what? If F.E.A.R. was serious about psychopathic cannibal supersoldier Paxton Fettel being such a terrible guy, F.E.A.R. wouldn’t send the guy’s own brother to liquidate him. That’s just asking for complications. If Mario went rogue tomorrow, we would not send Luigi to bring him in. Doesn’t make sense.

Above: Oh right, like you wouldn’t play the hell out of this

Yeah, and you know what else? If Paxton Fettel was the deadly renegade he’s made out to be, his ultimate motivation would turn out to be a little more malevolent than looking out for his hard-done-by momma. Did anyone truly, irredeemably evil ever do their dastardly work out of love for their dear old Mom? For the sake of argument, we’re saying no.

Shut up.