The 10 best PS2 games of 2000-2001

Nearly 10 years and a handful of sequels later, Silent Hill 2 is still easily the best in the Silent Hill series. It has nearly everything you could ask for in psychological horror game – an unrelentingly suspenseful atmosphere, disturbingly grotesque enemies and imagery, and a mature and nuanced story that surpasses 98 percent of Hollywood's horror/suspense movies. It manages to deliver all the scares of the horror genre while still maintaining intelligent and often subtle themes about love, personal guilt and misogyny. Not many, if any, games have touched on so many taboo topics as Silent Hill 2, from child abuse to mental illness to rape, while still somehow never seeming in poor taste.

Silent Hill 2 also introduced us to the iconic Pyramid Head, who's like Michael Myers times ten with a huge medieval torture device permanently welded to his head. Pyramid Head is actually a manifestation of protagonist James Sunderland's subconscious, but that only makes it that much creepier that a seemingly normal guy on the surface could create something so horrific. And much like James is trapped in his own nightmare psyche, Silent Hill 2 sticks with you even after you're done playing – radio static never quite sounds the same again.