Tales of Phantasia Cheats

Tales of Phantasia Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Anonymous

    Secret Saber

    There is a "secret" saber in Cress' house (when it gets attacked) which is 3 times as strong as your longsword. Don't take it until you've been hauled into jail in Euclid and then when you are out go back to Toltus and claim your sword.

Tales of Phantasia Glitches

  • GBA | Submitted by Tales MASTER

    Fly Through a Wall

    First you must go to Slyph's dungeon. If you have already beaten the dungeon it CAN'T work. Here are the steps:
    1) get through the first flying Slyph
    2) go around the edge to the other side where the Slyphs are blasting wind downwards
    3) go around the edge until you hit the bottom
    4) slowly move to the right and go where you are barely on the ground
    5) move up and the wind should push you right though a wall