Supermax's plot and villains revealed

While all the hoopla has been around Iron Man and The Dark Knight, it’s easy to forget that other comic book properties are in development.

Supermax – from the pen of David Goyer and Justin Marks – is drawing plenty of attention for its unusual twist on the usual superhero tropes. It sees Oliver Queen (better known as Green Arrow) shoved into a prison for vigilante types. Once behind bars, the Arrow discovers that an implanted computer chip is keeping his abilities at bay and that a lot of villains want to talk to him about his health. And not in a good way…

Latino Review has scooped the mother lode of information about the film, including the many villains who will crop up. Heard of Florinic Man? Calculator? Us neither, frankly, but they’re just two of the bad apple bunch. Check out the link for lots more.