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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

199X: Stage One 

1: Destroy the first barrel you come across and the Glorb will fly out to the right. Have another time-self run forward to catch it.

2: When you reach the first platform above you, there will be a Glorb up high that you can’t reach just by jumping. Use Aimy to launch herself up to it by jumping and then shooting a charged shot downwards.

3: You can find this Glorb sitting on top of the second platform you come across.

4: When you shoot the chain-gunner before going underground, it will fly out of them and eventually come down just to the right of where they were standing.

5: Drop down the blue hatch and you will find the Glorb at the far end after you blow up the large safe there.

6: When you blow up this barrel--or the gunner does--on the ground, it will make a Glorb go flying out to the right. Have a time-self ready to hop up the platforms to grab it before it hits them.

7: To the right of the previous Glorb will be another barrel behind a chain-gunner. Shoot the barrel and it will shoot out the Glorb to the far left that you will need to create another you to grab.

8: At the top of the centre platform where the two barrels are, hop all the way up and you will be able to simply jump and grab it.

9: Just past the previous Glorb, you will come to a sign that says “Wellkum 2 New Home Depotz”. Shoot the barrel on the right side of it and grab the Glorb.

10: When you climb up the first ladder towards the end of the mission, jump over to the platform on the left where the chain-gunner is and the Glorb will be beside it.

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