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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

198X: Stage Two 

1: Right at the start of the mission, just hop over the tank and the Glorb will be right in front of you.

2: After you pass through the first door way, shoot the green grenadier and a Glorb will fly out of him to the left.

3: Hop down the blue hatch and you will find this Glorb all the way at the end of the underground room.

4: When you reach the apartment buildings, hop up the second one to the roof and then jump over to the left to find the Glorb on the roof there.

5: When you reach the blue window and purple door, destroying the blue window will cause a Glorb to shoot out to the right. Have a time-self ready to grab it for when it does.

6: Just after the previous Glorb, there is a flame-throwing enemy across from the blue window. Destroy them and a glorb will fly out to the left. Again, use a time-self to grab it before it hits the ground.

7: When you slide down the train car to get underground, you will grab a Glorb as you reach the bottom.

8: When you reach the far end of the underground passage, there will be another flame-throwing guy who will toss out a Glorb once he is destroyed.

9: Make your way up the ramp to get out of the underground passage and there will be another Glorb at the top just sitting there.

10: When you defeat the boss, the final Glorb for this mission will fly out towards the left.

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