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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

9600: Stage Two 

1: At the beginning of the mission, destroy the fish tank and the Glorb will fly out to the right.

2: Just past the small fish tank, a robot will come through the glass of a large aquarium. Destroy the bot to get the Glorb.

3: As you shoot through the door and run up the ramp, you will need to go to the far right and hop up the platforms to go back to the left to grab this Glorb.

4: In the centre of the area with the two octopuses on the upper platforms, shoot the second one and it will reveal a robot. Destroy it for the Glorb.

5: When you reach the floating log platforms, go downwards and there will be an opening on the left with a Glorb in it.

6: When you are hoping up the floating logs, shoot the blue door on the right and a Glorb will pop out of it.

7: As you reach the top of the floating logs, shoot the bird that is flying back and forth to release the Glorb it is carrying.

8: When you reach the first glass tube, this Glorb is located to the left of it beside an enemy.

9: When you exit the glass tube, you will pick this Glorb up on the way out.

10: When you reach the boss, this final Glorb will be on the platform to the right.

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