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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

9600: Stage One 

1: You can find this Glorb out in the open, to the right of the sandwich shop.

2: Take out the phone booth and the Glorb will fly out of it.

3: Just to the right of the previous Glorb, there will be a ladder leading up to the highest platform. Climb up and grab the Glorb there.

4: Shoot these two runners along the boardwalk and the Glorb will fly out to the right.

5: This first shelled enemy, when destroyed will release the Glorb for you.

6: As you climb up the stairs, look for this Glorb to the left side near the top.

7: When you reach the billboard at the top of the stairs, the Glorb will be to the right side as the boss battle starts.

8: When the bridge collapses, shoot the large blue robot to release the Glorb and have it fly out to the left.

9: When you almost reach the bottom, this Glorb will be on the far right side.

10: When you reach the very end of the mission, destroy the orange robot and the final Glorb will pop out.

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