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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

673: Stage One 

1: The first can be found directly in front of you at the beginning of the mission.

2: This Glorb can be found by taking the downwards path near the beginning of the mission.

3: When you come to the two archers, there will be a barrel behind them. Shoot it and the Glorb will fly out to the right.

4: Just past the barrel will be this Glorb hanging out in the air.

5: Next up, you will come across two barrels where the right most one has the Glorb. Destroy it and it will shoot out to the upper right.

6: When you reach this sparkling explosive barrel, the Glorb will shoot out to the upper right. Try to grab it as it is shooting out.

7: This can be found when you are able to go down the ramp that leads to Lou Don Jim.

8: This one is easily found on the upper platform in plain sight.

9: When the drawbridge after the platform where the previous Glorb was found is destroyed, this Glorb will fly up to where the previous one was.

10: Once the boss is defeated, this is yours.

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