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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

1,000,000 BC: Stage Three 

1: At the start of the mission, the first Glorb will be directly in front of you.

2: This second Glorb will also be out in plain sight.

3: This large rock will block your path and you’ll need to break through it to continue. When you do, the Glorb will be inside it.

4: This Glorb can be found nestled between these two peaks that have enemies squatting on them. Drop down to grab it and continue on.

5: When you come to the series of tall rocks you need to go through, the second will have the Glorb in it.

6: Just after the previous Glorb, you will come to this Orange robot. Destroy it and it will release the goods.

7: Immediately after the previous Glorb, you will get this after the tall rock breaks apart.

8: Once again you will come to another one of the Orange robots. Destroy it and the Glorb will fly out far to the left.

9: Just after you reach the platform with 4 rising enemies, this Glorb will be down below in plain sight.

10: Once you defeat the boss of the mission, it will launch a Glorb out to the far left.

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