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Super Time Force glorbs locations guide

1,000,000 BC: Stage Two 

1: At the first opening on the left you come to, shoot the large rock and then the enemy at the far side to release the Glorb he has.

2: When you come to the Triceratops skull to the right of the Clox, destroy it and retrieve the Glorb inside.

3: Just after the previous Glorb, go to the right and shoot the grenadier there and the Glorb will fly out to the right.

4: Go to the ledge above where the grenadier was standing and you’ll find this Glorb there.

5: When you reach the platforms you need to hop to the right over, you’ll come to a blue dinosaur. Shoot it and the Glorb will fly out to the left.

6: Where the blue dinosaur appeared for the previous Glorb, there will be another hanging out in plain sight.

7: Once again, you will come across another Triceratops skull that holds a Glorb inside of it.

8: When you have almost reached the top, you'll come across these enemies and the right most one will have a Glorb that flies out to the left when defeated.

9: Just past the previous Glorb, there will be a flying enemy to the left that has this Glorb beside him.

10: When you reach this area at the end of the mission, the Glorb is in the centre of the area in plain sight.

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