Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

The next two events are all about crossing the finish line first. Monkey Race is unchanged from its earlier versions (simply racing down a winding track) but now there are power-ups scattered across the course.

Race is also one of the minigames that lets you choose one of several locations - we mistakenly chose the hard course, a floating pirate-themed track that continually bucked us away. The best of us still only managed to come in 5th place... we'll do better next time, honest. Control is remote only, similar to the pitch-down-to-accelerate nature of the snowboarding game.

Above: Monkey Race lets you choose one of several locations

Monkey Hurdles was the first event that actually made us break a sweat. Both controllers are held and you mime running on the spot, hitting a button to leap over the hurdles. If you watch the video on the movies tab, check out the number two player... turns out he was looking at the wrong screen the whole time. He shall forever remain nameless for his own protection.