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Super Bowl TV deals: save on some excellent panels to enjoy the big game on

Super Bowl TV deals
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The best Superbowl TV deals and sales events at retailers are going strong already and will be a great antidote to the start of the year 2021 AD. With the biggest football game of the year just around the corner, now is a fine time to pick up a new 4K TV - and these are often some of the best gaming TVs - in the US. What with the latest and greatest 4K TVs being the best we've ever had, and a new wave of panels being selected as best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, these Superbowl 4K TV deals are a great time to potentially get something that will elevate your gaming setup too.

As it's one of the biggest, and most-watched events of the year, retailers love the Super Bowl. They slash the prices on some genuinely fantastic 4K TV deals with prices often going lower than Black Friday on some units and brands. And given the retailer calendar quietens down for a while after the final football game of the season, these might be the best offers you see for a while.

The Super Bowl is always a hell of an experience; an awesome event for sports marking the pinnacle of the NFL season, as well as attracting millions of entertainment fans too. It truly is a spectacle of the TV calendar. And that means you'll need one of the best Super Bowl TV deals going to ensure your portal into the event is as good as it can be. More generally, a new 4K TV is certainly one of the best tech acquisitions you can make this January. A shiny new 4K TV offering crisp pictures at a great resolution, and with all the HDR goodness you get too can be the difference between a good experience and a truly awesome one. 

The handful of Super Bowl TV deal picks from the hottest sales below are our highlights for great offers available today. And of course, picking up one of these bargains doesn't mean you're getting a TV that's primed only for sports. Anyway, have a look below and see if any take your fancy, and if not, keep checking back as we'll top it up with the best TV deals going for Super Bowl 2021.

The best Super Bowl TV deals and sales

Super Bowl TV deals

LG CX OLED 55-inch 4K TV | $2,000 $1,396.99 at Amazon
There really is no other TV we'd recommend more than the LG CX OLED series, and this is super affordable for a 55-inch OLED of this quality. 55-inch is a great size for most homes, but you'll find discounts on the larger sizes too on the same listing page at Amazon.
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LG CX OLED 55-inch 4K TV | $1,700 $1,399.99 at Best Buy
A fantastic $200 saving on the 55-inch model of the LG CX from Best Buy. We expect this offer to be snapped up quickly, so don't hang about if you want to take advantage of the discount.
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LG CX OLED 65-inch 4K TV | $2,500 $1,999.99 at Best Buy
Jump up to the 65-inch CX model and there's double the savings - $300 off the RRP, in fact. Because you're getting even more of the great screen for your cash, this offer is pretty fantastic.
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Samsung 65-inch Class Q90T Series QLED 4K TV | $2,500 $1,999.99 at Best Buy
Essentially one of the best QLED TVs money can buy, the Q90T offers outstanding color and contrast, enhanced picture, and an easy way to make your next-gen games pop (as they deserve to).
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Samsung 65-inch Class Q80T Series QLED 4K TV | $1,800 $1,499.99 at Best Buy
The superior choice out of Samsung's similar-sounding QX0T series, the Q80T has a full array backlight to allow for a clearer picture and, frankly, the HDR is of better quality too. If you can stretch that far, this is the one to get. It's also available at 55 inches.

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Samsung 65-inch Class Q70T Series QLED 4K TV | $1300 $1,099.99 at Best Buy
The Q70T series is a great choice for gamers: 4K? Check. Settings tweaked for gamers? That's what Game Motion Plus is for, making sure everything is crisp as possible for next-gen. As for QLED? It may sound confusing but it's a nifty piece of tech that uses quantum dots to really bring out the full colour and contrast of a picture and puts most of the competition to shame.
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Samsung 55-inch Q70T 4K TV | $1,000 $897.99 at Amazon (save $102)
The "smallest" model of the Q70T range is on offer and is still plenty big enough to appreciate beautiful 4K image quality. Taking $100 off the standard price makes this the most affordable price we've ever seen on this range of Samsung QLED TVs. 

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Samsung 65-inch Class Q800T Series QLED 8K TV | $3,200 $2,699.99 at Best Buy
More pixels = more value for your money? Not always, but you could've fooled us with this Samsung 8K set. It's powerful, upscales 4K picture with no fuss, and is one of the cheapest high-quality 8K TVs out there.
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Samsung NU6900 | 50-inch | $328 at Walmart
And if the above is still a bit rich for the size of your room, how about the 50-inch variant for a handful of beans over 300 bucks? Madness. View Deal

TCL 75-inch (Class Series 4) 4K TV | $800 $749.99 at Best Buy
Need a solid 4K set that also works as an all-in-one entertainment package? With $50 off, this wall-filling TCL Smart TV is ideal for sports, gaming, and binge-watching.
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TCL 43-inch (Class Series 4) 4K TV | $228 at Amazon
And if you'd prefer to keep it on a budget this year, then this is quite frankly an outrageous price for a solid, decent-seize 4K television. Ideal second or third screen material, this TCL TV doesn't even cost $230. Mad.View Deal

Hisense 75-inch H6510G 4K TV | $1,000 $749.99 at Best Buy
Television maker Hisense has successfully gone from offering budget TV options to reaching into the upper end of the market with higher-grade screens. This is one of those, with a wall-filling size to boot, and today a big price cut too.View Deal

Insignia 32-inch Full HD TV | $150 $109.99 at Best Buy
Yeah, we know it's only HD, but if you're looking for a quick solution to the problem of a screen-less room, and with barely spending at all for a television then this is it. Mad, not for everyone, but still a deal.View Deal

Super Bowl TV deals

Naturally you'll want to experience the game and the show in top notch audio clarity as well as visual clarity. These Yamaha sound bar options are on offer right now and would prove great additions to your home or gaming entertainment setup. 

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL sound bar and woofer | $350 $299.95 at Amazon
This quality soundbar setup from Yamaha has built-in Alexa voice control capability and, importantly, a wireless subwoofer. Easy to set up, featuring enhanced music playback capabilities, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this si a solid soundbar option from a reputable name in the game.View Deal

Yamaha SR-B20A sound bar with built-in subwoofer | $200 £179.95 at Amazon
Offering an all-in-one solution, with built-in subwoofer speakers for deep bass in a slim design, this Yamaha sound bar also features Clear Voice for enhanced dialogue clarity, DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D surround sound, and Bluetooth streaming.View Deal

Yamaha SR-C20A compact sound bar with built-in subwoofer | $180 $149.95 at Amazon
This little sound bar packs a punch, and with homes feeling more cramped than ever, this big-sounding space-saver could be the perfect audio provider for your setup. It also features Bluetooth streaming and HDMI, optical, and aux connections – all in a bar just 23 inches wide.
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Want to see some more Super Bowl TV deals? Well, head on over to the TV sales pages over at these retailers for a wider selection of discounts:

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